• Advocacy. Integrity. Compassion. ℠

    Representing Bay Area Clients Since 1986.

  • Advocacy. Integrity. Compassion. ℠

    Representing Bay Area Clients Since 1986.

  • Advocacy. Integrity. Compassion. ℠

    Representing Bay Area Clients Since 1986.


Business, Real-Estate, and Construction Law, and Small Claims Court Counseling – in San Mateo, California

Building strong client relationships through skillful representation

Since 1986, the Law Office of Allen J. Capeloto has represented clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in civil practice matters involving business and corporate law, real estate and construction law, and general civil litigation.  We also provide counseling and assistance in using California’s Small Claims Courts.  The goal of this office has been to service the legal needs of our clients with both skill and compassion. We are there for those businesses that want a long-term relationship with their attorney, and we devote equal care and enthusiasm to the client who only has an occasional need for a lawyer.

Civil Law practice focused on resolving legal matters economically

  • Comprehensive — The work of this office is in the field of general civil law. The focus of our work is in the areas of business and corporate law, real estate and condominium law, construction law, and Small Claims Court procedures and advocacy.  We handle transactional matters as well as litigation, and in so doing, we afford our clients a full and complete perspective to problem solving.
  • Effective — We are sensitive to the high cost of litigation, and have extensive experience in helping our clients achieve satisfying results through alternative dispute-resolution options; most notably mediation. We also provide counsel and advice on using the consumer-friendly Small Claims Court system in California.
  • Cost-efficient — We strive to reach an economic balance between the need for legal services, and the realities of a budget, whether corporate or consumer.  We believe you will find our hourly rates for attorney services to be extremely competitive, whether for transactional matters or litigation.  For certain projects, we are able to quote a flat fee for the work, in lieu of billable time.

Providing representation and services in focused areas of Law

  • Business and Corporate Law — We help clients with business formation and dissolution; including corporations, partnerships, and LLC’s.  We provide advice and counseling on all aspects of business matters.  We write and review contracts and business Agreements.  And we will represent your business in civil litigation when needed or necessary.
  • Real Estate and Condominium Law — We provide counsel and advocacy on real estate matters; including boundary disputes, real estate sales transactions, and real estate related contracts and Leases.  We also represent condominium owners and members of Planned Unit Developments, who have disputes with their Homeowners Association or neighbors.
  • Construction Law — We help contractors, property owners, developers, architects, and design professionals, in construction related contracts and disputes; whether residential or commercial construction.  We also help navigate the Mechanic’s Lien laws, and represent clients in Mechanic’s Lien litigation.
  • Civil Litigation  –  We provide representation to both Plaintiffs and Defendants in general civil litigation, with specific focus in those areas of substantive law mentioned above.  In addition, we are available to provide limited scope representation in civil litigation, for self-represented litigants who do not want to hire a lawyer full-time in a case.
  • Small Claims Court Counseling  –  We counsel and assist clients in using the Small Claims Courts, whether as Plaintiffs or Defendants.  We help you in deciding whether Small Claims Court is an appropriate choice for your claim, and we prepare you for your trial and possible appeal.  We also provide guidance to Plaintiffs who are having trouble collecting on their Small Claims Judgments.

Schedule an office or telephone consultation

Call the Law Office of Allen J. Capeloto at 650-342-2600 to schedule an office or telephone consultation, or contact us online.  Consultation fees start at $195 for new clients seeking legal advice or counseling during the course of a meeting or teleconference.