Real Estate and Condominium Law, and related Deeds, Contracts and Litigation

Over the years, we have represented homeowners, real estate agents and brokers, developers, builders, landlords, tenants, design professionals and engineers in relation to the use and sale of real estate. Our work in this field goes well beyond the borders of San Mateo County, as we have provided services to clients with land located in virtually every Bay Area county, as well as in Southern California. We draft real-estate-related contracts, both residential and commercial; including sales agreements, agreements between tenants in common, easements, deeds and leases. We provide counsel and advice to landlords with regard to tenant issues. We work with homeowners who have disputes with their Homeowners Association or their neighbors over such matters as the enforcement of CC&R’s. When it becomes necessary, we represent our clients in civil litigation, or alternative dispute resolution, related to these matters.

Commercial and Residential  –  Transactions and Litigation

Clients seeking our help in real estate matters, benefit from our related work in construction law, business law, and civil litigation. There is often overlay, and we believe knowledge in one area helps chart a successful course of conduct in another. Our real estate related services include:

  • Residential home sales transactions
  • Commercial property sales transactions
  • Owner/Member disputes with HOA’s
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes
  • Evictions
  • Leases and Subleases
  • Boundary and fence-line disputes
  • Title disputes
  • Zoning, land-use and building permits
  • Easements
  • Nuisance claims
  • Deeds and related Promissory Notes