Small Claims Court Counseling

More and more, the Small Claims Courts of California are a viable alternative to the high cost of litigating small to moderate money damage claims in the State’s Superior Court system. Individuals and sole proprietors can bring claims as high as $10,000.  Partnership entities, corporations, and LLC’s can bring claims as high as $5000.  Cases are resolved in 3 or 4 months, rather than 1 or 2 years.  With just a couple of exceptions, lawyers are not allowed in Small Claims Court, and trial proceedings use less formal, lay oriented, rules of evidence.  Accordingly, the Small Claims Court makes economic sense for a wide variety of civil cases, and significantly reduces the stress and anxiety inherent with conventional litigation.

We provide in-office assistance to clients who are prosecuting or defending a Small Claims Court case.  We help clients address legal and procedural issues that come up in their cases.  We help with the preparation of forms and documents that need to be filed in Small Claims cases.  We guide litigants through the Small Claims appeals process.  We also counsel and assist those successful Plaintiffs who are having trouble collecting on their Small Claims Court Judgment.  We are able to provide most of these services in the context of a one hour office consultation.