Reported Cases

Allen Capeloto was attorney of record in the following reported cases, which have since become part of the common law of this country. The citations below are the official legal references. “B.R.” stands for the Federal Bankruptcy Reporter. “F.” stands for the Federal Reporter.

In re DeReus, (1985) 53 B.R. 362

Vucinich v. Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis, Inc., (9 Cir. 1984) 739 F.2d 1434

Vucinich v. Paine,  Webber, Jackson & Curtis, Inc. (9 Cir. 1986) 803 F.2d 454


San Mateo County Small Claims Court Advisor

Since 2001, Allen Capeloto has served as the Small Claims Court Advisor for the San Mateo County Superior Court.  This office is established by State law, and is designed to offer assistance to consumers and businesses who use the Small Claims Court.  Weekly workshops and case counseling are conducted by Mr. Capeloto at the courthouse in Redwood City.  See the San Mateo Superior Court website for more information in this regard.